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Aug 9 2022 Travel


It’s been a small while since we visited Copenhagen and boy was it good to be back!

Written by Alex

This weekend we visited TO ØL and poured at their Street Party at BRUS!

Big love to TO ØL for having us this weekend at the Street Party and for showing us around their B-E-A-UTIFUL brewery, TO ØL City!

It was an absolute blast to pour alongside some of the best breweries from across the world and to hang out with friends from home. We made some new friends in our pouring amigos O|O Brewing and Brewski for chilling with us the whole day!

Thank you Acan Distribution for making it happen and making sure our beers arrived in tip top condition!

Special mentions to Taphouse for welcoming us to CPH with Lost Cosmonauts and Sputnik on their taps and to Hop House, Amager for slinging pints of our Thornbridge Dark Mild collab (which was tasting g-reat!)

A huge thank you to Matt Orlando and everyone at AMASS for looking after us! It was awesome to catch up with Matt and to try his dishes! Ideas were flying and we’ve begun to draw up some really exciting plans for the future! Remember the Broaden & Build Porcini Mushroom and Cacao Stout? Hopefully there’ll be more of this kind of brewing hitting your glass soon…

There were so so many bars and venues we wanted to visit but we only had time for a few. More special mentions to Hooked, Reffen, Popl, Kihoskh and Rbabarrab were all incredible and such exciting places. We love a good bar and it’s these kinds of places and these kinds of events that remind us why we love what we do!

THE BIGGEST SHOUT OUT to everyone that stopped by to say hello, drink our beer and be ace!

Until next time CPH! X