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Jul 14 2023 News


The Unforgettable Influence of Anchor Brewing on North Bar and the UK Craft Beer Revolution


San Francisco’s beer landscape is forever changed as Anchor Brewing, the iconic American craft beer institution, announces its closure. The sad news resonates not only within the heart of the city but reverberates across the Atlantic, where its impact on the evolution of North Bar and the UK craft beer scene cannot be understated.

It was in the majestic confines of restaurateur Oliver Peyton’s stunning underground venue, The Atlantic in Soho, that I first happened upon Anchor Brewing in 1998. My first sip of Liberty Ale sparked an unforgettable journey into the world of American craft beer. Anchor’s beers, with their rich heritage and bold flavours, captivated me from that very first sip. Liberty Ale’s bold, hop-forward profile showcased the true artistry of American brewing, pushing boundaries and challenging traditional beer norms. Little did I know then that this seminal experience would lay the foundation for a craft beer revolution across the pond.

Over the next few years North became a haven for those seeking unique and flavour-forward brews, thanks in part to a visionary selection that included the likes of Anchor Brewing’s iconic beers. We provided a gateway to a world of innovative and exciting beers and flavour profiles and provided inspiration for a new generation of beer enthusiasts to explore the craft beer landscape with an insatiable curiosity, paving the way for the rise of the craft beer scene as we know it today.

Anchor Brewing’s closure casts a shadow over the industry, as its departure is the loss of one of the founding US craft breweries, indeed it was part of the inspiration for US craft beer giants Sierra Nevada. The end of an era brings forth a mix of emotions—sadness, nostalgia, and a deep appreciation for the indelible mark it left on the craft beer landscape.

Its legacy lives on through the countless brewers, bar owners, and beer aficionados whose lives were forever changed by the distinctive flavours and visionary spirit of Anchor Brewing. The torch has been passed, and it is up to us to honour its legacy by continuing to push the boundaries of craft beer and maintain the spirit of innovation that Anchor Brewing so passionately embodied.

As we raise our glasses to toast the memory of Anchor Brewing, let us remember the significant role it played in shaping the craft beer scene, not just in San Francisco but across the globe. It is through its pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to quality that we continue to explore, appreciate, and savour the exciting world of craft beer. Farewell, Anchor Brewing, and thank you for the legacy you leave behind.

Christian X