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Field Recordings X Darkwoods

Field Recordings X Darkwoods

Coffee Sour — 5.8%
Barley, Wheat, Hops, Coffee, Yeast
Tasting Notes
Last year we worked with Dark Woods coffee to select coffee beans to infuse with a barrel aged imperial stout. It was then when they mentioned a unique coffee making its way to them from Columbia. Made with Colombia Pink Bourbon IPA Coffee Beans from Sebastian Ramirez’ El Pacer farm . The coffee is unique in its production, utilising anaerobic honey process. The coffee fruit has been carbonically macerated using beer yeast and hops to extract the coffee bean from the fruit. With Dark Woods, we underwent a thorough testing process. Dosing the base beer with various amounts of the IPA coffee beans for various amounts of time, measuring, tasting and analysing until finally deciding on a process to infuse the beans with the beer. We set out the beer base to be as clean as possible. We’ve used a very simple, low colour and low flavour malt base with gentle souring to make a base that, whilst being full bodied and slightly sweet, encroaches on this unique coffee as little as possible. A slight sour edge and an addition of unwaxed lemon zest aims to highlight and enhance the coffee’s delicate complexity. Think coffee tonic. Tart, dry, slightly bitter, botanical, spritzy and highly refreshing and accented with a red berry / bramble profile, umami, a touch of roast, mango and sweetly tropical finish.
Release Date
April 2023

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