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North X Docks

North X Docks

Table Beer — 2.7%
Barley, Oats, Hops, Yeast
Idaho 7, Hallertau Blanc , Huell Melon
Tasting Notes
The perfect start to the new year, this a lovely and refreshing 2.7% Table Beer. Made in collaboration with Grimsby’s Docks Beer, we’ve trialled a new technique of hopping called dip hopping. We made the beer as normal with a smooth, pale yellow, oaty base, but part way through the boil we moved a portion of the wort straight to the fermenter where Idaho 7 hops were waiting. This allowed time for the hot wort to saturate the Idaho 7 hop pellets and have them release an abundance of their juicy, fresh, pithy zest and sweet tinned peach flavour. The rest of the brew went ahead as usual, our house ale yeast further softens the body and brings subtle fruit esters. Whilst further a dose of Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon hops bring light balmy lemon and fresh cut grass aromas and smooth floral honey flavour. All of this comes with a quenching and refreshing prickly bitterness, emphasised with a light sparkling carbonation.
Release Date
January 2023
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