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Yes we love beer, but it's much more than that...

Culture is the heart of what we do. North has always been about people and building communities. Opening North Bar in 1997 created an exciting, innovative space for like-minded, friendly people to socialise. We’ve grown a little since then, but our values have remained the same. 

We’ve brewed beers in Berlin, Shanghai and Copenhagen. We’ve brewed beers in Manchester, Cornwall, and down the road with our neighbours in Leeds. We’ve hosted art exhibitions, raised money for charity, worked with indie food traders on their first events, and seen marriages, kids and friendships begin in our bars.

Our Values


Anyone and everyone who touches the business: From offering delivery drivers a cup of tea, to putting your colleagues and customers first.

Quality craft beer is for everyone. We demystify and democratise great beer so that it can be enjoyed by all.


Trust is about honesty and transparency, we enable each other to make the right decision.

We have confidence in our colleagues, and rely on and support each other. 


Everything we do is real and meant.

We do nothing cynically. We collaborate with people and organisations with similar, humble values. If the chemistry isn’t there or it doesn’t feel genuine, then we’re out.

continuous improvement

We don’t stop.

Our goal is to maintain a constant focus on those daily small but important improvements which will lead to us brewing the best beer, being the best workplace, and running the best bars. 


We do not compromise.

We protect the quality of our product and reputation. We brew the beers that we want to drink. We open the bars that we want to drink in. Quality is at the heart of everything that we do at North.

Our Community



Accessibility plays a key role in what we do at North. All our venues stock Gluten Free and Alcohol Free options. We have beers for those who have never tried a pale ale, and beers for those who want to taste the latest DIPA. Accessibility at each venue is clearly outlined on this website, including wheelchair access and info on when the bars are busiest.





Awarding body


Global Ambassadors - J+C Brewers Congress 2023

Brewery of the Year Brewers Congress 2023

Best New Beer - Field Recordings A Hymn for the Fields Brewers Congress 2022

Large Business of the Year Connect Yorkshire Business Awards 2022

Best Brewing Pub Company The Publican Awards 2022

Best Individual Design - Highly Commended SIBA Business Awards 2022

Best Brewing Pub Company The Publican Awards 2021

Best Individual Design - Springwell Pils SIBA Business Awards 2021

Brewery Business of the Year SIBA Business Awards 2020

Best Brewing Pub Company The Publican Awards 2020

Overall Keg Champion Beer - Transmission SIBA Independent Beer Awards 2018

Best Brewing Pub Company The Publican Awards 2018

Best Branding and Design The Beer and Cider Marketing Awards 2018

Best UK IPA - Transmission Imbibe 2017

Best Brewing Pub Company The Publican Awards 2017