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Nov 13 2023 News


A brand shakeup.


We’re stoked to share some exciting news that’s been brewing behind the scenes; a fresh chapter in our craft beer journey that truly embodies our deep-rooted Leeds heritage and celebrates 26 years of pushing the boundaries in the global craft beer scene!

You know us for our killer can designs and unwavering commitment to quality, and now, get ready for the next evolution as we unveil a revamped logo that screams North from every angle. It’s like a nod to our roots but with a modern twist that reflects the innovative spirit we’ve been rocking for over two decades.

Let’s talk about the genius behind it all—James Ockleford, or as we affectionately call him, Refold. From day one, he’s been the visionary crafting our brand, drawing inspiration from eclectic music and mid-century modern design. Ever noticed those art-focused designs on our cans? Yep, that’s James’ artistic genius at play, setting us apart as the design-focused brewery we’ve been known as for years.

So, why the shakeup now? Well, we’re celebrating the 8th anniversary of our brewery—a milestone that screamed, “It’s time!” We’re all about staying ahead of the game, and as craft beer evolves, so do we. Our new logo and can designs are a blend of fluidity and identity, ensuring you recognise North whether you’re chilling at North Bar in Leeds, scanning supermarket shelves, or exploring a bottle shop in Japan.

And here’s something cool—our new can labels now come with beer descriptions. We’re all about making our brews more accessible, guiding you through the diverse world of North offerings. It’s like having a beer buddy right on the label.

Now, about the logo—we’re taking it full circle! We’ve been through a lot of name variations, but since we opened our first bar in 1997, we’ve always been known and loved in the industry as just North.

Quality is our game, and we’re upping it with spot gloss touches on our can labels. It complements the signature rough finish that you’ve come to associate with North cans, elevating the whole tactile experience. James Ockleford, Refold himself, put it best: “Now marks the perfect occasion to go back to our roots and remember that although we’ve changed many things throughout these years, we have always been North.”

So, fellow beer enthusiasts, join us in embracing the future with the same passion and dedication that’s defined North for more than two decades. This brand shakeup isn’t just a change—it’s a commitment to innovation, accessibility, and maintaining our spot as a leader in the craft beer world. Cheers to the next chapter, North style! 🍻